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Grass Fed Angus Beef-Cloudland Farm

Who doesn't like a good piece of meat?  How about 82 packs of beef, weighing 111 pounds?  That's about what you get when you order a 1/4 cow from Cloudland Farm, located in Pomfret, VT about 10 minutes north of Woodstock, VT.  Here's a picture of Lisa helping me inventory our meat!

The cuts include:  

•     46 lbs of ground beef

•     8 lbs of stew

•     6 rib steaks

•     4 porterhouses

•     2 cross-cut shanks

•     3 t-bones

•     5 lbs of short ribs

•     1 flat iron steak

•     7 lbs of bottom round

•     6 lbs of top round

•     1 boneless chuck roast

•     2 sirloins

•     5 lbs of brisket

•     An eye roast,

•     A tenderloin

•     A flank steak

•     1 juicy shank bone

What's so good about grass-fed beef?  For one thing, grass is what cows normally graze on (not corn, which is cheaper, and makes cows fattier).  Each cow is dry-aged for two weeks, cut, then immediately vacuum sealed for freshness.  Most importantly, it just flat out tastes better - and costs only a little more than you'd pay in a grocery store at home.  Our 1/4 cow cost about $520.  Split it with some friends to try out first - you'll be glad you did!  

Cloudland Farm

Tell Cathy we said hi too!  She's also starting farm dinners, which we're dying to try out!