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Cochituate Lake in Natick / Framingham

posted Jul 26, 2010, 8:48 AM by Richard Lee
We had friends in town for the weekend - they have two adorable boys (aged 2 & 4), so obviously many of our activities involve family-friendly things.  On a hot and sweltering Sunday, we drove out west to Cochituate State Park in Natick / Framingham.  It was only 30 minutes and only cost $5 to park (a BARGAIN compared to some of the North and South Shore beaches).  I have to say, it's also nice to have so many other activities and facilities, making it a low-stress and easy day trip.

Cochituate State Park

Crowded on the beach (they supposedly have 6 beaches!), but still plenty of room for our group
Plenty of picnic tables and BBQ area.
Lots of people playing soccer, frisbee, etc.
Bathroom facilities for the diaper change
Roped off swimming area and lifeguards for watching over the kids
Charles River Canoe & Kayak rents boats for CHEAP (we rented a two-person kayak for $20 for the hour). There are plenty of places to explore, as the lake is HUGE.  Only negative for me is there are alot of power boats out there causing waves.

Overall, great value and we'll be visiting again soon (probably next week when Lisa's parents visit!).