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Biking on the Minuteman Trail

posted Aug 1, 2010, 6:41 PM by Richard Lee
The Minuteman Trail is an 11-mile bike / running / walking / rollerblading path that runs from Bedford to Cambridge (near Alewife Station).  It's not an overly strenuous ride, as the inclines are pretty moderate so it's pretty good for a casual ride, or even rides with kids.  I don't really get why any cyclists ride their road bike here - it's not really much of a workout, but they seem cool flying by screaming "on your left" as they pass the kids and families ; ).

Bikeway Source

It can make for a nice half-day or even full-day activity as it rambles thru some lovely historic towns (Bedford, Lexington, Arlington, Cambridge),

We rented bikes from the Bikeway Source in Bedford right at the start of the trail - they rent Hybrid or Mountain Bikes for $20 for a half-day or $30 for a full-day.  Not too shabby.  

Stop by Avenue Deli for a lunch and have a nice picnic anywhere along the Trail.  There are some decent mountain biking trails off the Minuteman you should check out if you're adventurous.  Here are some pics from a marsh stop.

Richard Lee,
Aug 1, 2010, 6:57 PM